How we work
We adapt our services and fee structure based on our clients' needs. We provide ongoing marketing consulting services with a monthly retainer. We also work on a project basis to deliver specific activities and measurable results. And, for sales-oriented clients, we provide support on a retainer plus commission basis.

What we believe
Creative professionals, like other industry professionals, work in specific environments, follow a general workflow, are interested in certain causes and issues, belong to key professional organizations and get their information from specific media outlets. Understanding these details allows companies to make marketing and sales decisions based on a true understanding of the target audience.

Committed to integrated marketing
In order to stand out in the creative professional community, we believe it’s important to integrate a company’s overall voice into all of its marketing activities. To that end, we fill in the blanks and work with companies to make sure they aren’t missing key opportunities to make their message clear.

We understand that a company needs to hit performance targets that are measurable. So, we work to break goals down into actionable steps which can then be used to measure traction to build toward a specific outcome.